Maxx Wolfson '00

Brother Maxx Wolfson from Los Angeles, CA was initiated in 2000 into Kappa Sigma. Being in the largest pledge class for Gamma-Rho, he gained life experiences, memories and friendships.

Maxx graduated with a Journalism degree and a minor in Communications in 2003 from the University of Arizona. While at the University of Arizona, he was a writer for four years at the student paper, The Arizona Daily Wildcat. Being a writer for the Arizona Daily Wildcat gave him many opportunities to cover many sports such as basketball, football, lacrosse, rugby, gymnastics and more. He was a sports editor on the editorial board and won the award for best sports writer in the Journalism Department in 2003. Brother Wolfson also wrote his own column called the Maxx Factor. After he graduated, he was put into the Daily Wildcat Hall of Fame in 2011 winning the Young Alumni Award. As a student, Wolfson interned at Fox Sports in LA, KVOA in Tucson and Brenzer Zwikel in Los Angeles.

After graduating from the University of Arizona, he was hired to work for Getty Images, the world’s leading photo agency, and has worked for the company since. He has enjoyed working for Getty Images these last 15 years and it has provided incredible opportunities. As Director of Photography Sport, The Americas, Brother Wolfson runs a team of the world’s best photographers and editors at Getty Images. He is onsite at the biggest sporting events all over the world. This year, he led our team at my 12th Super Bowl and sixth Olympic games in February. Wolfson has worked multiple NBA Finals, Academy Awards, Emmy’s, World Cups, World Championships, World Series, Stanley Cups, major golf tournaments to name a few. He works directly with staff and freelance photographers managing and running events and hiring photographers to cover events in my region and works with Summit Workshops as a faculty staff member.

Brother Maxx Wolfson first fell in love with the chapter and the atmosphere when he watched a UA football game at the Kappa Sigma house as a guest and is now a dedicated alumnus who still maintains his friendships with his brothers. He was able to relate with the men’s love for sports and as a Gamma-Rho and he grew friendships in the chapter that still last today. Maxx has taken the same brother to the Super Bowl with him the last 10 years. He says, “Being a part of Kappa Sigma is something I am still very proud of. To become friends and brothers with my pledge class is still one of the best things to happen to me at UA.”