Gamma-Rho Chapter of Kappa Sigma Advisory Board

The Gamma-Rho Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity at the University of Arizona Advisory Boards mission is to ensure that the undergraduate chapter, and especially the officers and committee chairs, receive advice as needed. The goal is to see that every officer and key committee chair has an advisor/mentor overseeing them, and that at least one advisor is at every active and new member (pledge) meeting.

A/GM and Committees: Steve Maslowski ’05 (Rho)
AAA/GP and Committee: Jeff Uhrig ’94
AAA/GMC and Committees: Sean Litsky ’99 
AAA/GS and Committees: Will Lewis ‘93
AAA/GT and Committees: Bryan Poole '92
AAA/Career Preperation & Networking & Campus Partnerships/Faculty Advisor: Pete Corrigan '16 
AAA/Health & Wellness: Dr. Randy Christensen ’88 and Dr. Isaac Martinez ‘91
AAA/Alumni Big Brothers - Ragnar Rasmussen ’91
AAA/Excellence Quest - Mark Fitzgerald ’13



If you are interested in serving as the Alumnus Advisor or one of our Assistant Alumnus Advisors, please email Matt Noble or call 520-990-3250.