Gamma-Rho Expectations

(Available as a PDF)

As An Undergraduate

• GPA of 3.0 or higher
• Involved in the chapter and on-campus
• Raising or donating at least $100 per year
• Providing 25 or more hours of service per year
• Ritually proficient at least at the Pledging Ceremony and GMC and/or GM level
• Respect people’s differences and be committed to diversity and inclusion
• Respect the facility, guests, other undergraduates, alumni, parents, university staff, neighbors, police, yourself, etc.
• No hazing, no illegal drugs, and no abuse of alcohol
• A resume and LinkedIn profile reviewed by one of our advisors or career coach
• Financially current
• You are competitive and committed to chapter and individual excellence
• Focused on leadership development and career-ready by your senior year
• You remember that each day you are representing yourself and Kappa Sigma
• You understand that what you choose today will impact the tomorrow for you and the chapter
• You understand the difference between being in Kappa Sigma and Kappa Sigma being in you
• A lifelong commitment to Gamma-Rho, Kappa Sigma and UA…when you choose the 5-7 charities that you will impact in your life with your time and treasurer you will keep these three on the list


As A Chapter

• Kappa Sigma Founders Award of Chapter Excellence and UA Chapter of Excellence
• Excellence in alumni, campus, community, Kappa Sigma and parent relations
• Communications – with Advisors, House Director, Foundation, House Corporation, DGM, SEC, FSP Staff, EC Members, Other Chapter Presidents, Live-In’s, Committee Chairs, Undergraduate Membership, Alumni and Parents
• Meetings – Weekly EC meetings, Weekly Chapter Meetings, Bi-Weekly EC & Committee Meetings, Monthly Advisor, Meetings, Semi-Annual Foundation Meetings, Quarterly House Corporation Meetings, Semester Parent Meetings, Annual Alumni Meeting (virtual or in-person)
• Excellence in campus partnerships – admissions & recruitment, Alumni Association, Athletics, diversity & inclusion, DOS, Foundation, FSP, health center, honors program, Parent Association, Thinktank, UAPD
• Chapter GPA of 3.2 or higher
• 100% of the chapter members ritually proficient
• 100% of the chapter members involved on campus and in the chapter
• $100 per person donated and 25 hours per year of service
• Following a budget and less than 5% A/R
• Top 4 in multi-intramural sports
• Campus and Kappa Sigma reports and fees filed on-time
• A chapter of 80-100 members who are financially current…grow to this number within 2-3 years (at least 20-25 new members initiated per year)
• When we move back into the Chapter House all renters meet the individual expectations above
• Educational programming – academic, alcohol & drug, career & leadership, diversity & inclusion, health & wellness, lifetime commitment, no hazing, etc.
• A chapter resume with our main contact information, GPA, service projects, campus organizations, majors breakdown, awards won, involvement of alumni volunteers, career & leadership program, etc.
• Social relevance – safe social programming that keeps us involved with other chapters but safe and following the rules
• In good standing with Kappa Sigma, House Corporation and UA