Fred Ronnau '95

Fred Ronnau '95 graduated from the University of Arizona in 1999 with a degree in Systems and Industrial Engineering and in 2008 from The Wharton School with an MBA in Healthcare Management. Today, he lives in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, with his wife Sylvia and daughter Zara (12). Now serving as the COO for N1 Health, his previous position as CTO for the startup Rubicon MD led to the company’s massive growth and eventual sale to CVS.

Outside of work, Fred enjoys spending time with his daughter and wife and is still active in sports– specifically basketball and soccer. Though being an executive at a startup takes up a great deal of his time, he makes sure to prioritize his family and enjoys working on construction projects within his home.

Fred was involved on several committees and executed many small roles within the chapter during his time as a Gamma-Rho. “It was a good community for being active outside of school,” says Fred of his time in the brotherhood, “I enjoyed my time there and living in the house on campus.” When it comes to his favorite memories, Fred specifically remembers one Spring Break in Mexico. When returning from the trip, he and three other Gamma-Rhos traveled in a Saturn through a blockade of buses on strike. While speaking almost no Spanish, the brothers had to navigate the Mexican military, two blown-out tires, and a drive back to Hermosillo to repair a truck. It was experiences like this that brought Fred such close friendships in the house, most notably the best man at his wedding– Scott Gossett.

Fred gives practical advice to current undergraduates: “Actually show up for classes. Yes, many lectures are horrible to sit through, but learning through osmosis is a thing. Think hard about having a degree like accounting, engineering, marketing, biomedical research, or even journalism– you just won’t make as much!”