Steve Huntsberry ’62

It may be difficult for Steve Huntsberry to decide what he would rather be remembered for during his days at the University of Arizona and the Gamma-Rho Chapter of Kappa Sigma. He mentioned that he was runner up to Tom Lavoy as campus most eligible bachelor during his senior year. Of course, he was also quite proud of the fact that he pulled John Pfeffer out of the cactus bed at the luau party. This cactus rescue may give us a glimpse into what Steve has become since his days at the U of A where he received his bachelor’s degree in 1965.

Steve has been in campus security for quite some time. From 1980 – 1996 he was employed by Washington State University. He served as Patrol Officer, Corporal, Sergeant, and Detective during his time there. He most recently served as the Chief of Police for Evergreen State College Police Department. from 1996 until retiring this last year. He lives in Sedona with his wife, Kathy.

Prior to his work with these campuses Steve was enlisted with the US Navy and did a tour in Vietnam. He was Boat Group Commander, Engineering Officer, and River Convoy Officer. The combination of military experience and law enforcement has put Steve in such positions as SWAT leader, US Customs Officer, and Detective. He seems to be most proud of his investigation and subsequent capture of the most prolific rare book thief in US history for which he received many commendations and awards.

Amidst Steve’s busy life fighting and investigating crimes he also gives much time to his community with such organizations as “Game Smart,” a community action group focused on the affects and influence that violent video games and other media have on children. He was a past member of the American Legion and Moose Order, as well as a little league baseball coach. In the 1980’s he continued to serve his fraternity when he worked as an informal advisor to the Gamma-Mu Kappa Sigma Chapter at Washington State University.