Scott Gimple ’90

Brother Scott Gimple was attracted to Kappa Sigma because it was not
the stereotypical fraternity.

“Kappa Sigma – and Gamma-Rho more specifically – was a place to work
with people with a common goal. We were a small house that was not the traditional
‘frat house’. We prided ourselves on being different and eclectic. Gamma-
Rho was the geeks, jocks, social misfits, frat guys, stoners, and everything in
between. The diversity of the brothers in the house is what made us special. “

As an undergrad Scott was active within the chapter, serving as Pledge
Educator and Grand Procurator. He was also a member of the University of Arizona
Soccer Traveling Team. He graduated in 1992 with a B.A. in Political Science
and a minor in business. He later earned an MBA from Pepperdine in 2005.

After college, Scott began his career working at American Protective Services
as a management trainee. He would later work with Universal Studios, Hollywood
as Director of Security, Recreational Division, as well as Head of Security,
Safety and Travel for DreamWorks S.K.G.

Scott’s love of the fraternity has kept him involved as an alumnus; he has
served on the Gamma Rho Housing Corporation Board, including time as the
board’s secretary.

His love of soccer has also continued. Scott has been a volunteer soccer
coach and referee for AYSO for 15 years, including as a coach for children with
special needs. His passion is now his career, as he is currently the National Director
of Player Development and Events for AYSO.

“The experiences at Gamma-Rho helped me learn to appreciate the differences
in others and how those differences developed a much stronger team than
if we were all the same. I look back and appreciate it more now then I did as an

“Kappa Sigma today is about the friends and brothers that have been
supportive over the past 20 years. It is the one-hour calls with brothers to catch
up and laugh about life; complaining about bosses and frustrations of working
and raising a family. The one-hour phone calls about promotions, new job opportunities,
family success, achievements, and bragging about the kids. It is meeting
the brother in the neighboring city for a Sunday breakfast. It is about meeting up
with a brother for a drink in a city on the other side of the country that we both
are visiting for work. It is about having a brother being the minister for your wedding.
And it is having brothers and friends from Kappa Sigma show up at your
daughter’s funeral to give support even though you have not seen them in years.
It is really about being an extended family that you always have a connection with
even when you live thousands of miles away or you have not talked in year.”