Officer Slating Process

(Downloadable PDF version here)

Slating of Officers & Chairs Process

Step 1 –  Nominating committee named of three alumni and four undergraduates (two seniors, one junior and one sophomore)
Step 2 – Application filled out by anyone interested in serving as an officer or chair
Step 3 – Nominating committee reviews all applications and schedules interviews
Step 4 – Nominating committee chooses a slate to recommend to the chapter to vote on
Step 5 – Officers are voted on at a meeting
Step 6 – Officers review applications of committee chairs and schedule interviews
Step 7 –  Officers interview the committee chairs and choose
Step 8 – Officers installed at a chapter meeting and introduced along with committee chairs
Step 9 – Officers and chairs are introduced virtually to alumni and promoted via email and social media
Step 10 – Officers and chairs meet with the Advisory Board and past officers & chairs for a training session

Officer & Chair Positions

President (GM)
VP Administration (GP)
VP Membership (GMC)
Secretary (GS)
Treasurer (GT)
Asst. Secretary (AGS)
Asst. Treasurer (AGT) 
Academic & Scholarship Chair
Activities & Social Chair
Accountability & Judicial Board Chair
Accounts Payable Chair
Accounts Receivable Chair
Alumni Relations Chair
Awards Chair
Big & Little Brother Chair
Budget Chair
Bylaws Chair
Calendar Chair
Campus Partners Chair
Campus, Community & Kappa Sigma Relations Chair
Career, Engagement, Leadership & Mentoring Chair
Chapter Culture Chair
Diversity & Inclusion Chair
E-News, Social Media & Website Chair
Goals Chair
Fall & Spring Events Chair 
Greater Cause Chair
Health & Wellness Chair
Homecoming Chair
House & Property Management Chair
Intramural Chair
Junior & Senior Engagement Chair
Kitchen Steward Chair
Mail Chair
Membership Development Chair
Newsletter Chair
Parent News & Relations Chair
Pledge Class Culture Chairs
Pledge Educator(s)
Records Chair
Recruitment Chair(s)
Risk Management Chair
Ritual Chair
Spring Fling Chair
T-Shirt Chair
Volunteer Boards Chair