Mark McLear ’88

Brother McLear was all over the campus as an undergraduate. He held a
plethora of posts for Gamma-Rho, first as his Pledge Class President then
off to Grand Scribe, Grand Treasurer & Philanthropy Chair. He also
attained GMC and GM level Ritual proficiency. He also represented the
chapter well on campus, as an officer volunteer for the Arizona
Department of Economic Security and as a stage hand at Centennial Hall.
McLear was also a summer intern for Senator John McCain.

He graduated with a BA in History, minoring in Business Administration.
For over 15 years he’s been a Residential Mortgage Lender with the advent
of required licensure, exclusive within the State of Arizona. Mark is currently
Residential Mortgage Lender for Hotchkiss Financial, Inc. He is a current
board member and past president of Southern Arizona Mortgage Lenders
Association (SAMLA).

Brother McLear, the former philanthropy chair, has continued to give back to
his community in a variety of ways. He’s participated in the Tu Nidito Children
and Family Services “Ride for a Child” and spent four years as a mentor for
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson (BBBS). He is an advocate for Autism,
volunteering with the Autism Society of America (ASA of Pima County),
Mid-American Association for Autistic Training & Research (MAATR).

Earlier this year, Mark’s nephew, Ian Schumacher, was initiated into our Order
with Rho Chapter.

“My attraction to join Kappa Sigma was liking the eclectic diverse group from
all  backgrounds and degree pursuits, but also felt that I could make an
immediate positive impact with involvement. It was my 3rd fall at the UofA.
Having gone through Rush as a freshman, and ultimately not making a good
connection to a fraternal organization. I was merely collecting my ‘Stamp’, took
the steps up from Cherry Street, the walkway through the wood fencing, and a
large man (Brother Brennan) sitting on a stool to my left greeted me first. I’m
not sure what the initial exchange was, but he responded in sarcastic tone. This
was an immediate breath of fresh air from the over-sold ‘we’re so cool theme’
that pervaded Rush. Not a minute had gone and a microcosm of the Chapter’s
diversity unfolded before me. That spring pledge class, we named the ‘Smalls’,
as there were only seven of us.

“Kappa Sigma was a tremendous experience as an undergraduate, both in
terms of motivation to collectively advance our recognition on campus, and
giving me useful life tools and lasting life-long relationships. Kappa Sigma is
in many ways, a family. You not only reconnect and reminisce with Brothers
from your time, but make new friendships throughout life. I felt the need to
give-back by accepting the Alumnus Advisor position a few years ago, and from
doing that, have extended that family with our young undergrads and other
amazing alumni at recent Conclave and Leadership Conferences.”