Jonathon Andrew McEldowney ’83

Brother McEldowney has always been active with Kappa Sigma. As an
undergrad he served as GM, GP and GT. “GT was a very difficult job
then, probably worse than it is now, but otherwise what I had to do is
nothing compared to what our officers are responsible for now. I did
receive scholarships from the SEC, but back then we didn’t have them at
the chapter level. On a number of occasions while I was GM I got to
interact with Brian Seastone, back when he was a baby UA cop. The best
thing I did as an undergraduate was rush the hell out of a guy named
Matt Noble. I like to think I was the one to get him to pledge.”

In addition to holding multiple positions in the house, Brother
McEldowney was all over campus. He was in the Primus, Sophos and
Chain Gang service groups. He was also an RA in Apache Hall. Rooms
weren’t assigned, so working the desk on check in day Andy chose the
“fun” kids for his wing. They had a great time but he wasn’t asked to
return for a second year.

After graduating with a Bachelors in Business Andy started and Allstate
Agency where he was a multiyear Honor Ring and National Champions
winner, as well as recognized as a Quality Agency. He then became a
Pharmaceutical Rep with GlaxoSmithKline.

“With GSK I launched 8 new brands, exceeding incentive goals for all
products, was selected to be an Associate Product Trainer and served on
the Field Advisory Board. Lots of other awards, trips, etc. This was a fun
job.” He was both top of his class and rookie of the year with Farm Bureau
Financial Services, won the Heritage and Blue Vase as well as the Pace Setter
Award both years before he decided it wasn’t for him. After 25 years, he
realized he just wasn’t meant to be a corporate employee. He struck out on
his own, founding Tucson Insurance Associates. In his words, he’s better off
because he can take better care of his customers and earns more for his
efforts. Best of all he hasn’t dreaded the thought of going to work one single day.

McEldowney has been involved in the community, following his children’s
interests. He was a Cub Scout leader, has coached youth sports and “schlepped”
a lot of Girl Scout cookies.

Brother McEldowney has also been involved with Gamma-Rho as an alumnus.
Before we had our current house he served on the House Corporation Board of
Directors. As a campaign volunteer during the fundraising Andy spent a great
deal of time soliciting donations from classmates. He has, on several occasions
over the years, held the title of AAA, though with little involvement until the
chapter returned. “This has been tremendously rewarding on a personal level
and I think, at least hope, I have developed some relationships that will last. I
also hope I have been half as valuable to them as they have been to me.”

In regards to Gamma-Rho, “To be honest Kappa Sigma has been mostly a social
thing for me, but I mean the long term friendships that I have developed, not
just the college parties. To this day my wife Kerry and I meet socially with
brothers and their spouses frequently. I think I also developed some leadership
skills, and certainly some skills in herding cats.”

Andy and Kerry have three children, Jordan, 27, Lindsay, 24, and Madison, 21.