Jerry Cessor ’57

Brother Cessor has sculpted a career characterized by leadership and loyalty, two traits that he found in the brotherhood of Gamma-Rho. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, he went out into the workforce as a Sales Engineer at the Trong Company. After four years, he moved on to Lang & Associates in Denver, where he quickly progressed to Vice President. In 1975, Brother Cessor founded Climatec Inc., a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) manufacturing firm. Serving as President until he retired in 1987, he molded Climatec Inc. into one of the most prominent HVAC companies in the state. During the 1980.s, Climatec was voted one of the 100 Best Companies in Arizona by Arizona Business Magazine.

Now that he is retired, Brother Cessor has plenty of time to relax with his wife Marsha and daughters Kate, Suzy and Anne. After retiring – on his 50th birthday, no less – he and Marsha spent three years sailing from San Diego, through the Panama Canal, and into the Caribbean Sea. He also serves as a Board Member of Cottonwood Country Club and is a member of the Marathon Yacht Club.

As an undergrad at Gamma-Rho, Brother Cessor participated in a number of activities, including intramural volleyball and flag football. But his most important accolades stem from his focus on academics. Not only was he on the Dean.s list for the majority his time as an undergrad, he also won the Industrial Press Award for academic achievement in HVAC studies.

Whether he was carrying a football into the end zone or helping fellow brothers improve their academic standings, Brother Cessor was a very important part of the Gamma-Rho Chapter as an undergrad. Now as an alumnus, he has continued his loyalty by contributing to the Gamma-Rho Alumni Chapter, Educational Foundation, and Housing Corporation. His efforts have not only made it possible for others to share in the Kappa Sigma family, but have also raised the bar for achievement in the professional world.