J. Scott Lincoln Gossett ’94

Brother Gossett, from Beaverton, Oregon, and entered the University of Arizona as a Nuclear Engineering major, then found out quickly that wasn’t for him… Somewhat to do with the actual engineering and somewhat due to spending freshman year in Apache/Santa Cruz dorm with Scott Jeffrey ’92, and learning about the fraternity system.  He switched to Management Information Systems in the Business School Sophomore year.

“Goose” rushed Kappa Sigma in Spring ’94 as a 2nd semester sophomore and became Pledge Class President. He held several offices including Grand Scribe, Grand Master of Ceremonies, Pledge Educator and lastly Grand Master in his senior year.  Brother Gossett was Grand Master when, in 1997, Gamma-Rho Chapter was awarded their first Founders Award for Chapter Excellence (FACE) award.

Scott graduated in December 1997, and began working at Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon.  He spent seven years at Intel as a Technical Marketing Engineer, the final two years in sunny Chandler, AZ.

Gossett started his first company, Visionpoint Realty in 2005, which did well until the 2007 real estate meltdown.  He then worked at Go Daddy for the next four years, becoming the Director of Executive Accounts in his final year and a half.  “During this time, I coached my oldest son in football and won the National Championship after beating the state champs from Texas, Nevada and California (2010).”

Brother Gossett then moved his family to St. Louis, MO and became VP of Sales for an internet startup, however his wife became homesick so they moved back to Phoenix in 2011.  He continued in IT sales with MicroAge in Tempe, but then decided it was time to start his own IT company. He founded Avisolve in 2013, and in their third year they were doing $45M in annual sales.  In 2017, Scott decided to take a buy out offer at Avisolve, and is currently working on starting a new company in technology sales.

Gossett became part of the Gamma Rho Housing Corporation in 2016

Goose ruminates, “Looking back now at my college days, it was the most fun that I would never want to have again now – I’m not sure my liver could handle it today.  But seriously, college and specifically Kappa Sigma taught me how to lead, how to make critical decisions (and sometimes what not to do) and made me a much better man – Gamma-Rho gave me lifelong friendships and the confidence to take risks with my career and for that I could not be more grateful.”