Greg Mammana ’90

A Gamma-Rho initiate (’90), Greg graduated from the University of Arizona in
1992 with a BA in Political Science, and from the University of Phoenix with
a MA in Organizational Management. As an undergraduate, Brothers Scott
Gimple ‘90 and Jay Freedman ’90 recall Mammana “was Jersey Shore two decades
before there was a Jersey Shore” and that he had a propensity to tell the “corniest
jokes, only ones he thought were funny. He was always the sober one, which
is probably why we can’t remember any ridiculous stories about him.” He was
always generous, having brothers to his parents’ house in the foothills and taking
them golfing at Tucson National.

Brother Mammana, along with Brother Gimple, played Forward on the University
of Arizona Men’s Soccer Team from 1988-1991.

In 1994 Brother Mammana became Officer Mammana, starting with the Casa
Grande Police Department. In 1998 he made the lateral move to serve with the
Tucson Police Department. Greg received a Medal of Valor on January 24, 2001
for his efforts. While serving and protecting, Mammana also continued with the
learning, earning a Master’s Degree in 2003, and educating, teaching at the University
of Phoenix. He is currently a Lieutenant in the TPD Homeland Security

He married Kristen in October of 2000, and his son Nicholas was born August
the following year. “Nicholas is Greg’s pride and joy. They are so alike it’s ridiculous,”
says Kristen.

Greg was somehow Jedi Mind-Tricked by Matt Noble ’84 and the Housing
Corporation to serve as the Alumnus Advisor to the new Gamma-Rho Colony, a
challenging role, time consuming, and ultimately rewarding role, to say the least.
Matt says: “I reviewed the list of alumni living in Tucson and reached out to the
guy I thought had the skills & passion to make a difference, and one that could
manage a large group of assistant advisors. Greg was the best choice and he never
wavered when I asked.”

Grand Master Nick Maccarone had this to say about Brother Mammana’s involvement,
“Greg has been instrumental in our success so far. As a direct advisor
to me, as well as the colony, Greg has provided guidance, as well as support to
every member he can. He has dedicated his time and hard work to ensure that we
are successful. As President, I personally, as well as the colony, would like to thank
him for everything he has done and will continue to do.”